SAP PP (Production Planning) module is one of the biggest module in SAP functional list. This SAP PP module primarily covers the production process for example productions capacity planning, Master production scheduling, production Material requirement planning shop floor etc. This PP module in SAP takes care of SAP Master Data needed for production planning and scheduling like Bill of Materials (BOMs), Routing and Work Centers and stores The SAP PP module is being used mainly in the manufacturing industry. In this part of sap module we can create BOM, routing, work center, plan orders, production order and confirmation. It is fully integrated with other modules in sap such as SAP MM and SAP SD which being used thru the MRP which is also part of PP.

Layout of SAP Production Planning:-

Course Outline:
  • Organizational data related to production planning and manufacturing
  • Creating material master data and views required to support discrete and repetitive manufacturing
  • Managing changes to the material master
  • Functions and features of bills of material (BOMs) in detail
    • Standard BOM Functions
    • Phantom Assemblies
    • Multiple and Variant BOMs
  • BOM maintenance and Reporting
  • Work center master data and views required to support discrete manufacturing
    • Capacity Data
    • Scheduling Data
  • Functions and features of discrete manufacturing Task lists (standard routings) in detail
    • Routing Sequences
    • Operational Details
    • Usage of Production Resources and Tools (PRTs)
  • Task list Maintenance and reporting
  • Managing master data changes with and without history
  • User Interfaces:
    • SAP GUI
    • Engineering Workbench
    • PLM Web User Interface (New)
  • Creating and managing master data: material master, BOM, classes, characteristics, documents, overview of variant configuration, work center, routing, production resources, changes with and without history, mass change
  • ERP production planning: production program planning, planning-based MRP, planning strategies for make-to-stock and make-to-order production, implementing requirements planning, processing of MRP results, additional MRP processes
  • Order-controlled production with production orders: Overview of order categories and types, order structure/processing run, order creation/changing orders, interface with planning, order release (status management, availability checks), printing order documents, material staging and withdrawal, process integration (interfaces) and order control, confirmations, goods receipt, order settlement, archiving and deletion, information systems (overview), automation (mass processing, collection orders (multilevel order management))
  • Overview of production with process orders, repetitive manufacturing, KANBAN and capacity planning
  • Integrated case study: implementation of a fictitious demo company using specific business processes, configuration and mapping of the company structure, master data, and business processes in the SAP system ECC.
  • Review and certification preparation
  • Certification examination for Solution Consultant SCM - Planning/Manufacturing with SAP ERP 2005 on the content of the courses SAP125, ERP001, TSCM40, SM001, TSCM42
SAP Production Planning (PP)
Course Details Duration
TERP 01 Introduction to ERP 2 Hours
TERP 02 Introduction to SAP 2 Hours
TERP 51 - Introduction to Processes in Material Planning 4 Hours
TERP 52 - Introduction to Processes in Manufacturing Execution 4 Hours
SAP 129 Introduction to Navigation 2 Hours
PLM 114 Basic Data for Manufacturing and Product Management
TSCM 40 Planning & Manufacturing I
10 Working Days
SM 001 Introduction to Solution Manager 2 Hours
SCM 310 Production Orders
TSCM 42 Planning & Manufacturing II (Inclusive of case study)
10 Working Days

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