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Bespoke Content

We build highly engaging custom courses tailormade for your needs. These courses are built from scratch and include learning elements that best facilitate the specific learning need.

Content Maintenance & Update 

Help your workforce stay relevant through training and learning, by upgrading your learning material periodically. We update existing courses to current standards with a micro-level comparison with earlier versions.


Learning becomes more interesting and engaging when you do so in your local language. We create custom content and courses in multiple foreign languages. With over 90% of our language experts based in their native countries, we provide content with context.

ILT to e-Learning Curriculum

Talk to us about rebuilding Instructor-Led Training material into e-learning content, using sound instructional design principles. We take the source version of content, graphics, simulations and learning assessments and give you a focused, learner-centric output. 

Re-purposing Legacy Content

Learning strategies change very often and businesses need to keep their learning and development process upgraded. Why invest a tedious amount of time and energy into creating a brand new content when we can recreate gems from your legacy content repository?

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