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Repurposing Legacy Content

With the changing learning strategies coming up every now and then, your organization needs to keep the learning and development process upgraded. However, investing a bulk load of time, money and resource every single time is not a viable option. We provide our expertise into shaping your classic, archived content to create something dynamic, compelling and market ready.

What Value does Repurposing Legacy Content bring in?

Today, you create and acquire a library of digital content matching the ongoing learning industry trends. However, with new updates and learning standards coming on the market, the older versions often gets forgotten. But, it is not feasible to create entirely new learning content every time an update hits the learning industry. The solution lies in taking a step back and looking into the older content. In an era of reuse and recycle, even digital content can be revamped. Repurposing and redefining the legacy content into something more dynamic and captivating can help your workforce get updated in a shorter span of time.

Image by Denise Jans

How Dexler Helps You?

Your organization has already invested a lot of capital, time and talent to create a storehouse of learning content. So, why invest a tedious amount of time and energy into creating a brand-new content, when we can recreate gems from your legacy content repository? Our mantra is Update as you upgrade. 

We don’t just revise the older content, we use our expert methodologies and strategies to rebuild content fitting the latest learning wave. We use the latest design and development tools to build these courses. With our professional finesse and visionary outlook, we repurpose your classic courses into interactive and engaging learning materials, to meet today’s competitive learning standards. 

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