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Bespoke Content

Your workforce needs to keep updated as per your industry standards and we help it make happen. Indulge in our made-to-fit Bespoke courses to deliver the training your employees need.

What Value does Bespoke Content Add to Online Learning?

Bespoke content is branded for your organization and designed to fit your learner’s requirements. Instead of taking one-size-fits-all approach, your workforce can get more authentic learning experience through these tailored courses. The courses are developed as per your industry standards, which help your learners relate and connect better to the learning pieces. Since the courses are designed to match your specification, it ensures that the required learning mandate is adhered to. The assessment strategy is built in a way to give your employees an understanding of their regular progress.


How Dexler Helps You?

Bespoke for us means “You Speak, We Listen and We Deliver”. We build highly engaging custom courses specifically tailor-made to meet your requirements. From design to development, we provide an end-to-end solution, maintaining your company’s branding standards. Our expert instructional designers visualize and create customized storyboards and prototypes with a suitable outcome in mind.

The courses are built from scratch, using the best Design and Authoring tools, keeping in mind your learning mandates. Use of suitable graphics, animation, audio, assessments and other interactivities elements, offer your learners more motivated and immersive e-learning experience.

What We Do


ILT to e-Learning Curriculum


Content Maintenance & Update


Repurposing Legacy Content



Your Learning Partner

Let us make leaning simple and consumable.

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