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ILT to e-Learning Curriculum

Given the need to learn as you grow, your employees may not have hours of time to read through a course. You can bank on our competence to convert Instructor Led Training document into engaging e-Learning content to make learning interesting.

What Value does ILT Conversion Add to Online Learning?

Going through pages after pages of textual based content can be tiring and a good chance is, that your learner lose interest. On the other hand, an interactive online course with animation, audio, simulation, assessments etc. can help keep your learner absorbed in the learning piece, thus, retaining the attention. An interactive content helps your employee learn fast and learn on the go. The versatility of online learning, makes it a great choice for Learning and Development team, when it comes to train the workforce.

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How Dexler Helps You?

We re-build your Instructor Led Training material into e-learning content, using sound instructional design principles. 
We take the readable (PPT, PDF, Word Document) format of your ILT document that houses textual content, images, graphic screenshots, simulation procedure steps and learning assessments, and in-turn give you a dynamic and interactive e-learning course. The end product is loaded with audio based animation, well-recorded simulations, and strategically placed assessment questionnaire, so that your workforce receives a focused, learner-centric output. 

The courses are developed using latest tools, to meet the ongoing e-learning trends. Our in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work end-to-end with the design and development team, providing proficient insights throughout the course. With our highly engaging e-learning content, we make sure to keep the essence of classroom learning intact.

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Let us make learning simple and consumable.

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