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Content Maintenance & Update 

Your workforce needs to get aligned to the changes you make in your learning and development strategy or refer to an old piece of learning material for revision. Either way, we help you maintain and upgrade your existing and changing content in an organized way.

What Value does Content Maintenance and Update bring to your organization?

Content maintenance and updating can be planned or unplanned in your organization. Some content gets updated as it gets rewritten, while others just get shelved, resulting in an unorganized content inventory.


Content maintenance plan helps you to decide whether you want to archive it or upgrade it. The ultimate purpose of content management and upgrade is to help your company engage with its clients in a sustainable way.

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How Dexler Helps You?

If you are a products/service based organization, you are bound to go through upgrade every quarter/half-year/yearly. Your workforce needs to be kept relevant to the current industry standards through training and learning. This requires your learning material to be upgraded every now and then. 

We focus on updating your existing courses to the current version by micro level comparison with the earlier version. That’s not all, we also work on your Content Management and Learning Management System and ensure their smooth functioning.

What We Do


Repurposing Legacy Content




Bespoke Content


ILT to e-Learning Curriculum

Your Learning Partner

Let us make learning simple and consumable.

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