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Learning is no more confined within the four walls of a classroom or delivered by one person in a particular official language. The dynamic nature of digital learning ensures learners can acquire knowledge in their mother tongue or local language. We appreciate this and thus create equally engaging content in a string of local languages to help you train your workforce without the language barrier.

What Value does Localization bring to your organization?

No matter what your business language is, your employees will always feel comfortable when they are connected with their local language. It is always easier to grasp a piece of information in local language.


Learning in local language instils better understanding and also enhances skills such as attention span, critical thinking, and decision making.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

How Dexler Helps You?

Learning becomes more interesting and engaging when you do so in your local language. We understand this necessity and create custom content and courses in multiple foreign languages, with Latin and Asian being our forte. In order to give the learners an authentic learning experience, we have collaborated with language experts/voiceover artist as direct connect. With more than 90% of our language experts based in their native countries, we provide the learner a feel of connection and engagement.

What We Do


Bespoke Content


ILT to e-Learning Curriculum


Content Maintenance & Update


Repurposing Legacy Content

Your Learning Partner

Let us make learning simple and consumable.

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